Dried Fruit

We currently carry thirty varieties of dried fruit from around the world. We carefully select our dried fruit to include primarily organic varieties that do not contain added sugars or preservatives. The organic and natural characteristics of the fruit allow the natural flavors to be enjoyed.

Organic . healthy . vibrant

Natural sweetness for a healthy lifestyle.

We also focus on the discovery of unusual products, such as dried Organic Mulberries or Organic Goji Berries. This also includes the California grown Blenheim Apricot. Considered an endangered species, the apricot farm we work with is continuing to grow this variety to eliminate extinction. We appreciate the work of farmers like this and we continue to support small farms. It is producers like this that we value and are excited to share their story.

Despite the sweetness of some dried fruits, they also contain high levels of healthy nutrients, with some being considered a superfood. Dried fruits make for a good afternoon snack or addition to savory dishes or baked goods. So join us on this journey as we discover new fruit.