Our chocolate selection encompasses a wide variety of chocolates with a European twist. We feature rich Dark Chocolates with high percentages of cacao, to Milk Chocolate Crème Truffles, to White Chocolate Bark. Within this, we focus on pralines, caramels, bon bons, truffles and bark. Our selection is a mix of chocolates made in-house combined with imported varieties from European chocolatiers.


Delightful Decadence.

Freshly roasted nuts combined with smooth chocolate defines our housemade selection. We make all of our in-house chocolate by hand in small batches, including our Signature Chocolate Barks and Bon Bons. We carefully select the ingredients we use for our chocolates, without adding extra sugars or preservatives, to create a simplistic, quality driven product. Our craft at producing chocolate is a result of our constant experimentation to develop new products and flavors. 

We supplement our in-house made chocolate with specialties from European chocolatiers. Primarily focusing on bon bons and truffles, these classically created chocolates give you a taste of Europe without travelling. We source premium chocolatiers who have become world renowned at their craft.  Journey to France, Belgium or Greece with simply a taste of a bon bon or truffle.